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About Us

We are now officially in a multi-device world. 2 in 3 e-commerce shoppers start their interaction on one device, likely their smartphone, and continue that journey on another. As marketers competing for consumers’ attention in an increasingly noisy setting, it is imperative that we make those journeys seamless experiences, regardless of what device your customers are on. That’s the mission we are obsessed with at Swym – creating delightfully seamless shopping journeys for your customers.

With a passionate founding team that has spent the last several years building similar game-changing products and solutions at some of the world’s leading companies in the space, we are extremely well positioned to deliver on that promise. Together with you, we look forward to making cross-device continuity a natural element of your brand experience, for your shoppers.

Swym is a privately held corporation headquartered in Seattle, WA


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